Expert Insights Webinars:

Tips for Efficient and Effective New Drug Application (NDA) Submissions

What You Will Learn

This Expert Insights webinar will demonstrate New Drug Applications (NDAs) are the final step of a long clinical development process and the most important deliverable a pharmaceutical company produces. Submitting a complete, comprehensive, and acceptable package is complex and time-consuming. After supporting more than 10 NDA submissions in five years, MMS statistical programmers know how to do this efficiently and effectively. Listen and learn as our panel of global experts discuss best practices and share tips to help your next NDA submission go smoothly.

In this Expert Insights webinar, you'll learn:
• The many components of an NDA submission
• How to avoid the common programming downfalls in an NDA submission
• How to manage the challenges that arise when working on an NDA submission

Webinar Duration

45 minutes


  • James Bademian, Director, Statistical Programming and Data Management
  • Pieter Cloete, Associate Manager of Statistical Programming
  • Saichand Satyavarapu, Senior Manager of Statistical Programming
  • Satyapal Ingle, Associate Manager of Statistical Programming

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