The Wisdom Study:

Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Screening, Detection & Prevention



1 Hour 2 minutes


Dr. Uma Sharma
Dr. Laura Esserman

This webinar highlights the pioneering WISDOM Study, with our CEO, Dr. Uma Sharma, leading the conversation, followed by insights from Dr. Laura Esserman, Founder of the WISDOM Study and Director of the UCSF Breast Care Center. This session promises to shed light on innovative approaches in breast cancer screening and prevention. Embarking on its remarkable 8th year with the involvement of over 60,000 women across the nation, the WISDOM Study (Women Informed to Screen Depending on Measures of risk) continues to lead transformative changes in breast cancer screening protocols. The initiative champions personalized screening, challenging conventional methods, especially with the launch of WISDOM 2.0. This progression includes comprehensive genetic testing and counseling, now accessible to women starting from age 30. This webinar will delve into how these advancements are setting new standards in the realm of precision medicine, contributing to more accurate, timely, and preventative healthcare solutions.